Real Estate on Your Rooftop

NEAPO Penthouse™ additional floor is a quick and easy way to add floors to an existing building. The lightweight FIXCEL® metal core panel structure typically allows one or two additional floors without reinforcement of the foundations or structures of the old building.

Prefabricated Apartments

Each apartment is constructed and finished, including plastering and other surface work, within a warm, dry factory environment. These prefabricated modules are transported to the construction site in one piece and easily lifted to the top of the building by a crane. Each module already contains a pipe-cased shaft for technology including ventilation, water, electricity and drainage. Wet rooms are tiled.

Superior Technology

The top floor concept makes maximum use of the FIXCEL structure properties – high rigidity with low nominal weight. The structural rigidity ensures that the exterior and interior finish remains entirely intact during transit and hoisting.

Due to the low weight factor, the roof of the existing building may be used as a mounting plate without having to install extra support columns that extend down to the foundation. The new roof is complete once the joints between the sectional modules are sealed.

The Penthouse allows modern building services, such as HVAC, to be integrated into the top floor. This, in turn, further increases the property value.

The combination of the NEAPO Tubetower® lift shaft and NEAPO Penthouse™ additional floor together form the greatest possible solution, namely the upgrading of a building, in a way that will achieve the maximum efficiency with full economic benefits.